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Bull Riding

A braided manila rope is the cowboy's only security as he rides a wildly bucking bull. The rope is wrapped loosely around the bull and a weighted cowbell hangs underneath. When the ride is over, the cowbell pulls the rope free. The bull rider will be disqualified for touching the bull with a free hand, or being bucked off before the end of an 8 second ride. As it is tremendously difficult to just remain on top of these loose-hided animals, riders are not required to spur, however, it may help his score if he is able to. A successful bull rider keeps himself close to his handhold throughout the whole ride. This prevents the holding arm from straightening and jerking the hand loose. Bull riding, the most dangerous of all rodeo events, demands that a bullfighting clown be in the rodeo arena during each ride. As the cowboy is thrown from the bull, the bullfighter distracts the animal until the bull rider reaches safety.

Bull Riding with Luke Pozzobon